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Ripple Acupuncture Project

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Feeling inspired to support a woman-owned, independent, small healthcare business? Has acupuncture at PDX Points helped you or someone you know? Do you love the mission of Ripple Acupuncture Project and want to help this project get started? Did you attend an event or class with Kelly and want to extend an offering? How thoughtful! Your donation helps my business grow and allows me to take time for r&r so that I can continue giving to the community in creative healing ways. 

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Venmo (@kelly-ilseman)

PayPal (

Please leave me a note with your donation if you'd like to specifically support PDX Points or Ripple Acupuncture Project.



Wake up to find out

that you are the eyes of the world.
The heart has its beaches,

it's homeland and thoughts of its own.
Wake now,
discover that you are the song

that the morning brings
The heart has its seasons,

it's evenings and songs of its own

~Eyes of the World~
Grateful Dead

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