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Ear seed kit contains a panel of adhesive ear seeds and labeled ear diagram, with suggested treatment protocols.


Ear seeds are adhesive patches with either radish seeds or a form of metal (often gold) attached. These will have radish seeds!  The ear contains a map of the whole body ~ you can calm the spirit, treat neck pain, adjust the endocrine system, treat a broken heart, lower blood pressure, and much, much more all via ear points. The ear contains a strong connection to the vagus nerve, a helpful ally in moving away from the sympathetic (reactionary) nervous system response and moving towards the parasympathetic (rest/digest/renew/restore) response. It was first discovered by a French doctor (Nogier) and later incorporated into the existing system of East Asian acupuncture/acupressure.


Three ear diagram options available: (1) “5-np” – the most famous auricular acupuncture/pressure protocol. Often used for addiction, this protocol can be used for anyone in a body! It’s balanced among all of the major Organ systems for a relaxing, whole-body effect; (2) Battlefield Acu – as its namesake indicates, this one is often used on the battlefield or after major, devastating natural disasters, as it is extremely calming/sedating to treat trauma and shock; (3) Assortment – contains some 5-np points, some battlefield points, and an array of others. Note: you can always ask me and I will help you locate any points you like at no cost!

Ear Seed Kit

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