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Shiatsu is a form of bodywork that involves gentle, rhythmic pressure along shiatsu meridians. Shiatsu begins with abdominal palpation and diagnosis, and then may include all areas of your body, including legs, chest, arms, neck, head, back, feet, abdomen, and off-body. Shiatsu is a deeply intuitive practice and may leave you feeling extremely relaxed. It is often paired with your acupuncture pattern diagnosis to achieve optimal wellness.


Reflexology foot massage
Did you know that every major organ system in your body is represented on your feet? Well-balanced and aligned structural and functional movement begins with the foundation of your feet. Reflexology involves using firm pressure on special areas of your feet to relieve stress, release myofascial tissue, and restore optimal functioning of all body systems. You will likely feel the beneficial effects throughout your entire body after reflexology. Treat your feet to reflexology and allow yourself the freedom of feeling lighter and more at ease!

Foot reflexology massage with white background

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