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Zen Shen
Acupuncture & Wellness

Ripple Acupuncture Project

acupuncture/herbal medicine/shiatsu 


engage systemic healing

*please continue to wear a mask during treatments




cupping & gua sha






yoga nidra / meditation /pranayama


restorative yoga


herbal medicine

nutritional healing



qigong self-massage/thousand hands buddha qigong

veterinary acupuncture


studio or travel-to-you



prevention + living your best life

complex biomedical conditions

chronic pain

mental-emotional well-being

's health

digestive issues

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I seek to share practices with you that have helped ease my journey and create more meaning and connection in my life. I understand from personal experience what it feels like to live with chronic musculoskeletal pain. As a former college athlete and lifelong yogi, I am fluent in working with athletes, movers, and bodies of all kinds. I am committed to helping you feel better. I have successfully used whole foods, herbs, and acupuncture to heal my gut, and invite you to begin healing yours. Acupuncture, herbs, and bodywork have softened the edges of my mind-body experience. I want you to experience the physical and emotional softness and flow that comes with stress reduction, allowing you to be more productive in your relationships and work or creative projects. Chinese medicine has offered me ease in my cycles of life and I invite you to allow it to ease yours. I honor your time on this earth and am committed to helping you find balance at every stage.


​I offer acupuncture, including e-stim, cupping, gua sha, moxibustion, herbal medicine, as well as bodywork, sound healing, and nutritional ideas for a variety medical conditions. I offer separate classes in qigong, yoga, and meditation. In the clinic I specialize in treating complex biomedical and mental-emotional conditions, including autoimmunity, chronic pain, stress and trauma, digestion, insomnia, anxiety, depression, menstrual discomfort and irregularity, menopausal symptoms, the symptoms associated with cancer and chemotherapy. I also have experience treating paralysis. I treat the prevention of bacterial and viral infections, including COVID-19 initial infection, active/acute infections, and post-infection symptoms.


My treatments help you to cultivate an internal space for stillness and regeneration where healing and creative processes can flow, allowing you to engage systemic healing. Try yoga nidra while getting acupuncture to plant seeds of intention and manifestation, to tap into creative consciousness, reframe patterned thinking, and to unwind somatic experiencing of past stories/events.


I am inspired to create pathways for greater access to this medicine. I provide heart- and science-based patient care that aspires to be truly integrative. I open lines of communication with biomedical practitioners/researchers and bow to the wisdom of the ancient lineages of Chinese and Ayurvedic medicines. I am truly grateful to practice and receive these medicines. I recognize that healing flows from the universe through me, and humbly recognize the power and trust each patient places in me. I acknowledge the beautiful power of acupuncture, herbal medicine, healing touch, and mindful movement, and understand that as a practitioner I influence a only small part of the human healing experience. Please allow me to join you on your healing journey! 

Abundant flow of all good things to you.



Mission & Vision
Woman Receiving Acupuncture


32 Forest Ave, Portland, OR
Tuesdays 11- 7, Thursdays 11-7, + Saturdays 11-5


Now accepting

OHA Open Cardrd
Pacific Source
Credentialing in progress for other insurance companies

Venmo preferred, Square accepted

Please give at least 24-hours notice for cancellation.



kelly ann ilseman

cell: 617.784.2320

Thanks for submitting!

People of all colors, sexual orientations, gender identities/expressions, religions, and disabilities are welcome. No one will be turned away due to lack of funds. I will find a way to work with you to meet your wellness needs.




Energy follows thought;

we move toward, but not beyond, what we can imagine.

What we assume, expect, or believe creates and colors our experience. By expanding our deepest beliefs about what is possible,

we change our experience of life.
-Dan Millman

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