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Upcoming Events

This April and May, PDX Points (aka, Kelly) is hosting a Reflexology "Love Your Feet Shop" taught by Forrest Cooper, former Tuina and Reflexology instructor at OCOM, with Kelly as assistant. Forrest is knowledgeable, fun, and a great instructor. If you missed this class at OCOM, want to brush up on your skills, or have been wanting to learn in general, please join us! For anyone ~ you don't have to be a licensed acupuncturist or massage therapist. You can seriously just be in it to get more attention on your feet!

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When: April 23 - May 14, 10AM to noon

Where: 3518 S Corbett Ave

Cost: $300 for 8 hours of awesome instruction

How: Visit Use the appointment scheduling menu. Select *Reflexology Love Your Feet Shop."


Minimum enrollment 4 participants (2 pairs) for the workshop to run


Complimentary hibiscus flower and lemon tea will be offered in celebration of spring and nourishing nutrient-rich beverages!


BYOO/S (bring your own oil/salve)

highly recommended: Spring Wind amber salve or po sum on oil
(can purchase at Golden Cabinet or the OCOM medicinary)


Questions? See contact information below.

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