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acupuncture / herbal medicine / shiatsu

kelly a. ilseman, MAcOM, MS, MEd 


   sustainable wellness  
engage systemi
c healing



acupuncture (new 120-min $150/estab 90-min $100)


acupuncture "express" (new 60-min $100/estab 45-min $75)


acupuncture *fee reduction (new 120-min $100/estab 90-min $75)

acupuncture - Oregon Auto Accident Coverage (90-min, free)

veterinary acupuncture (new 120-min $150/estab 90-min $100; per referral from veterinarian only)



shiatsu (new/estab 60-min $100)

reflexology foot massage (new/established 60-min $85)

Specialty Treatments (established patients only)



shiatsu + cupping (90-min $120)


shiatsu + acupuncture (90-min $120)


reflexology + acupuncture (90-min $120)


acupuncture + yoga nidra guided visualization ($120

Add-Ons for Insurance Clients


moxa $15

shiatsu (full 50 min, $40)


shiatsu (half 25 min, $25)


cupping (10 min)  $15

oil/tuina massage (10 min)  $10

infrared + heat lamps free


restorative yoga (60 min, $65)

qigong self-massage (20 min, $25)


thousand hands buddha qigong (40 min, $50)

auricular acu-bar (20 min, $25)



(new $250 + 0.50 cents per mile/estab $175 + 0.50 cents per mile



prevention + living your best life


complex biomedical conditions

chronic and acute pain

mental-emotional well-being (anxiety, depression, insomnia)

women's health (cycles, perimenopause, menopause)


women's and men's seproductive issues

digestive issues

hormonal issues


kelly left arm wide open hugging a tree in the Columbia River Gorge

Welcome! I attended the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine (OCOM) from 2017-2020, where I studied acupuncture, herbal medicine, and shiatsu under the instruction and leadership of some incredible practitioners. I have been a licensed acupuncturist since 2021 and hold active licenses in Oregon (where I currently live and practice) and in Maine (where I have family and community). I practice acupuncture, which includes shiatsu and reflexology bodywork, cupping, gua sha, e-stim, moxa, herbal medicine, as well as sound healing and nutrition for a variety of medical conditions.


In addition to my private practice, I am an acupuncturist at Advanced Acupuncture in Lake Oswego where I provide acupuncture and herbal medicine for people with chronic pain and complex biomedical cases, and am a sub acupuncturist at Quest Center for Integrative Health, where I provide acupuncture for chronic pain management and for individuals finding and sustaining recovery. I spent one year as Herbal Medicinary Supervisor and have continued my role as Teaching Assistant for graduate student research and writing classes at the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine (OCOM). I am always available for writing consultation, whether technical or creative. I have served as Research Committee Chair for the Oregon Association of Acupuncturists (OAA) since October 2021 and since then have compiled several large-scale written documents on acupuncture for pain management. I have eight+ years of experience teaching meditation/yoga (slow flow, yin, nidra) and believe in the power of slow movement and acupuncture for nervous system regulation.


Prior to moving to the Pacific NW, I spent 17 years working with a diverse group of high-achieving teenagers from low socioeconomic backgrounds with the University of Maine Upward Bound Math Science (UBMS) Program, a non-profit government-funded educational opportunity program where I served as Assistant Director from 2007-2017. I earned a Master of Human Nutrition (2014) and a Master of Science and Environmental Education (2003) both from the University of Maine in Orono, and a Bachelor of Science in Biology with English minor from Gordon College (1998).


My mission is to provide acupuncture and bodywork treatments that help to cultivate an internal space for stillness and regeneration, allowing the body to move deeply into the parasympathetic rest, renew, and restore response for transformative healing. I envision a world where everyone has access to acupuncture, each family has an herbal medicine first-aid kit, and acupuncture, herbs, and bodywork are accepted and used as first-choice healing modalities in the mainstream medical system. I can be found giving and receiving acupuncture, hiking trails, viewing waterfalls, doing yoga, running, biking, cooking, gardening, watching movies, and listening to music. 

Want to know more about my path to Chinese Medicine? Click here!

Training & Professional Memberships

M.Ac.O.M. Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine, OCOM, 2020

M.S. Human Nutrition, University of Maine, 2009

M.Ed. Science & Environmental Education, University of Maine, 2003 
500-Hour Yoga Instructor: vinyasa, yin, restorative, and nidra

Thousand Hands Buddha Certified Instructor

Oregon Acupuncturist Association Board Member (OAA)

Society for Acupuncture Research (SAR) Member

National Acupuncture Detoxification Association (NADA) Professional Certification

Thesis: Maine Farmers' Perspectives: Optimism and Barriers to Producing Food to Feed Maine People
Permaculture Certification: Cangemi, Sicily (2012)

Horoscope: sun in Pisces, moon in Leo, Sagittarius rising

DISC Leadership Assessment: D (Director)

Born in the year of the Fire Dragon

Pronouns: she/her/they

Link to Full CV

PDX Points sign on deck at 811 E Burnside St across from Jupiter Hotel.jpeg

1011 E Burnside St, Suite 216, Portland, OR

Woman Receiving Acupuncture

Let's get you scheduled

There are many ways to schedule:


call/text 617.784.2320
select a service to schedule from the menu below

Tuesdays 10-6 + Thursdays 10-6



Now accepting
​Pacific Source 
Regence BC/BS
Health Net


Not accepting OHP, Kaiser, or MODA

Cash Clients: Venmo preferred
Square, PayPal, or CashApp accepted

Please give at least 24-hours notice for cancellation.

People of all colors, sexual orientations, gender identities/expressions, religions, and disabilities are welcome. 
BIPOC non-profit community organizers may receive 4 free sessions per year.



If you are a low-income cash client, we can figure out a $ plan for you.

(2 initial Pfizer + 2 Pfizer boosters going on 3 this fall/winter;
no judgement if you are not vax'd - you are still welcome to see me)

Energy follows thought;

We move toward, but not beyond, what we can imagine.

What we assume, expect, or believe creates and colors our experience. By expanding our deepest beliefs about what is possible,

we change our experience of life.
-Dan Millman

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