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Somatic Experiencing, Meditation, Yoga 


Somatic experiencing involves guided meditations that allows for the awareness and release of the physical and emotional patterns associated with thoughts and experiences.


Meditation allows the processing of your thoughts to unwind as you sit with yourself quietly. During meditation, many people find it helpful to focus on their inhale, exhale, and the space in between the breath. Doing so while observing body sensations and thoughts allows the opportunity to develop deep, replenishing stillness at the very core of being.


Yin yoga gently stresses the deeper connective tissue of the body to hydrate and create space within the tissues, working at the level of sensation. It involves longer holds and sinking into stillness.

Restorative yoga allows for the body to be fully supported using bolsters, blankets, and blocks, and is outside the realm of active physical sensation. Breath is used as a meditative focal point to help fully release all patterns of holding.


Yoga nidra, "sleep of the yogis," involves what many people experience as a profoundly relaxing progressive relaxation that allows the body to melt into deepest consciousness. It is a form of somatic experiencing whereby the parasympathetic nervous system is engaged to active the vagus nerve and stimulate deep healing. Acupuncture taps into the vagus nerve as well, allowing for a synergistically rooted and grounding experience. These combined practices can be deeply restorative and empowering, a celebration of turning inward. 

Yoga Nidra (guided "sleep" yoga meditation) & qigong offerings,
from me to you 



Enjoy this simple, 30-minute chakra-based yoga nidra based on Richard Miller's irest system. Script read by me, written by my teacher Sagel Urlacher. Updated syllabic chanting for each chakra coming soon!

55 min Yoga Nidra sequence using a Sagel Urlacher's script - Lake of Chidakasha, based on Saraswati (Bihar) teachings.

40 min Yoga Nidra sequence using a Sagel Urlacher's script - relaxation into the heart space, based on Swami Rama's teachings (Himalayan style).

Qigong self-massage 2020 with Kelly. Wash away your qi stress in minutes!  (Addition: before cupping eyes, place thumbs on either side of mouth, pointer fingers above and below lips and massage horizontally to loosen/relax mouth; shake hands/rub palms; then rub medial side of index fingers along the sides of your nose; shake hands/rub palms; Correction: tapping includes Lung & Liver points.)

qigong self-massage with Kelly, Oct 2021

Yogash Chitta Virtti Nirodha 
We become whole by stopping how the mind turns.
-Yoga Sutra 1.2

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